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Cadamier Network Security Denver smoothwall firewall solutions Smoothwall Firewall is cost effective software firewall solution that provides complete VPN and firewall capabilities, but also has one of the most powerful and cost effective content filtering systems available.


Though it lacks the on-the-wire anti-virus and protocol analysis that other solutions offer, the Smoothwall firewall when combined with the SmoothGuardian content filter can control who is allowed to reach what types of Internet sites, it can block specific URL's, domains, or categories of sites. It can analyze the content returned by a website and optionally block that site based on the content of its web pages.


It also has complete internal logging and reporting, as well as an Intrusion Detection system based upon the open-source Snort system. Options include email anti-virus/anti-spam protection, bandwidth control and remote user VPNs.


By combining all these features into a single smart package, a Smoothwall provides enterprise class security and content control for networks large and small.


One of the Smoothwall's strongest features is it's easy to use web-based management interface. Protecting your business from the dangers of the Internet includes protecting your business from employee's browsing habits, then the Smoothwall is the solution you've been looking for.


Smoothwall solutions, when used as a compliment to existing security devices, add substantial content filtering controls to any network. Smoothwall systems are completely configurable, and support a large number of PC hardware platforms.


Cadamier recommends using the Dell PowerEdge series of rack mounted servers for all Smoothwall installations.