Cadamier Network Security Denver


Cadamier Network Security Corporation, Denver Colorado


Cadamier installs and manages complete network security protection for organizations with dedicated high-speed connections to the Internet.

With extensive experience in firewalls, virtual private networks (VPN's) and wide area communications, Cadamier designs security into networks that will meet the stringent requirements of data centric networks and will last.

Directing their attention initially to the financial services industry, Cadamier’s President Craig Lassen says Cadamier is returning complete control of the Internet security environment back to the client.

"We ask each organization to decide how much they want to be involved in the operations of these systems. Our job is to make sure that the systems stay safe and secure, but we always welcome the participation of our clients in their management. It works well for everyone."

Craig Lassen, Cadamier's President & CEO, promises an unprecedented level of customer service for Cadamier's customers

"Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and support without finger pointing, and with a phone number of an
experienced person readily available.

Our clients will always be able to directly access the people responsible for their Internet, Network, and Firewall services. We are committed to making things work! We know that sooner or later a technical solution will arise that requires repeat service calls, attention to detail and relentless pursuit. To us, this situation is not regarded as an ‘if’ scenario, but a ‘when’ scenario.

At these times we will keep coming back, we will continue to investigate the unimaginable, and we will stick with it until a solution is found!"